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October 5th Class

October 5th Class

Here is an overview of what we are learning in class this October:


Writing - We are continuing to learn the genre of narrative writing in class. We have created narrative stories together as a class and next we will begin planning and writing our own stories.

Reading - We are learning to make connections when reading. Making connections is a critical reading comprehension strategy that helps us understand better what we are reading. There are three types of connections that we can make: Text-to-Self Connection, Text-to-Text Connection, and Text-to-World Connection.

Poetry- We learned a spooky Halloween poem ‘The Visitor’ by Ian Serraillier. We enjoyed visualising the images in the poem and saying it aloud.


We are learning about

  • Interpreting and recording data
  • Division
  • Revising addition, subtraction and multiplication.


Táimid ag caint faoi bia agus Oíche Shamhna.

Táim in ann na ceisteanna seo a fhreagairt.

  • Can saghas bia/bricfeasta/dinnéar is maith leat?

Is maith liom ____. Is breá liom____. Is aoibhinn liom____.

  • An dtaitníonn ____ leat?

Taitníonn ____ liom. / Ní taitníonn ____ liom.

  • Tá ____ go maith duit.
  • Tá ____ go dona duit.
  • Ba mhaith liom _____.

Other Subjects

We are really enjoying rugby with Barney and also learning how to play rounders. We enjoyed learning all about amazing women who have made differences around the world such as Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa and many more. We learned about the counties and provinces of Ireland. We read all about the history of Halloween and created spooky Halloween art.

Well done fifth class. We hope everyone enjoys the mid-term break.

Ms. Keane, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Wolohan, Mr. Browne

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