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4th Class- February News

4th Class- February News

4th class have continued to work really hard over the month of February with their online learning. We have shown great enthusiasm with all of our new topics across the curriculum subjects and we have been working really well on Google Classroom. Your teachers have been really impressed with all of your hard work and they understand that it hasn’t been easy but hopefully we will be able to return to school next month.



We have just started our new writing genre which is narrative writing and we have really enjoyed reading different examples of these kinds of texts. We have been learning all about the structure of narrative writing which is made up a title, orientation (setting), beginning event (complication), resolution (solution) and the ending. We have also started writing our own narrative stories and the 4th class teachers have been really impressed with the creativity and imagination in the stories they have read so far. In our poetry, we have been looking at acrostic poetry and we wrote wonderful poems of own based on the theme of spring.


We have continued with our Guided Reading at home and have focused on our summarising skills. We practised using our time connectives to help us to put the events from our reading in order. Examples of these time connectives include: Firstly, secondly, after that, next, in the afternoon, after school, during lunchtime etc.


Ba é ‘Siopadóireacht’ an téama a bhí againn i rith mí Feabhra. Bhíomar ag foghlaim na h-ainmneacha don siopaí éagsúla.


We have been learning all about the topics of capacity and length in our maths lessons this month. We practised reading, converting and measuring different amounts of liquids in litres and millilitres when learning about capacity. We also practised reading, converting and measuring different lengths and distances in centimetres, metres and kilometres when learning about length. We also used our estimation and problem solving skills when exploring these topics at home. The teachers have been very impressed with the revision of tables at the minute. Keep up the great work everyone!

Other subjects:

We have really enjoyed participating in the Incredible Edibles programme in our SESE and SPHE subjects this month. We explored lots of different topics such as processed and unprocessed foods, farming in Ireland, the Famine and also the seasons and weather. We also enjoyed reading the story about Setanta in our History which is a very well-known Irish legend. In our SPHE we have been focusing on minding our well-being and we also learned all about Lent in our religion lessons. We also made some wonderful land art where we had to use materials in our environment to make a picture of our choice.

Keep up the super work 4th class, we hope to see you back in our classrooms really soon. Stay safe everyone!

Ms. Byrne, Ms. Coburn, Ms. Hurley, Ms. Rees and Mr. O’Connor

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