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4th Class January


Our return to school after the Christmas holidays has been somewhat different to what we had hoped for in 4th class. However, all the children are making a great effort with remote learning on Google Classroom! Well dome! The 4th class teachers are so impressed with the children's willpower to continue their learning from home!


We started with by recapping our knowledge of recount writing and wrote a recount about our Christmas Holidays. The teachers were so impressed that the children remembered to use connectives; Firstly, After that, Next, Finally… it made your news so interesting and we loved reading all about it!

We have continued with our Guided Reading at home and have focused in on our visualising skill. It is nice being able to read to someone from home too! After reading some pages in their novels the children imagined a scene and used their five senses to tell us what they were imagining! It was so interesting and ideas were plentiful!

  • I see ______________________.
  • I hear _____________________.
  • I smell _____________________.
  • I taste _____________________.
  • I touch _____________________.

We are working hard on summarising what we read as it is so important to be able to write and talk about what has happened in the story. Putting the events in order is key!


The children revised renaming as well as multiplication as part of their maths and the teachers are so impressed! Our topics this month was continuing Money; getting change, conversion, 3D shapes and their properties and we are touching on Capacity too. We have also been trying to relate these topics into our home life too. Revision of tables is hugely important so we are reminding the children to keep practising their tables also daily.


Ba é ‘An Scoil’ an téama a bhí againn i rith mí Eanáir. Bhíomar ag foghlaim na habhar scoile.

Cén abhár scoile is fear leat? Is fearr liom ______

An fearr leat Tíreolaíocht? Is nó Ní fear liom…..

Other subjects

In Religion we remembered Grandparents Day and had great fun interviewing our Grandparents. In Geography we learned about the solar system and learned more interesting fcats about the planet Mars. In History we learned about the famous myth and legend about Oisín in Tír na n-Óg and also created a picture of what it looked like in Art. In SPHE we talked about our Well Being and came up with things we do to help our well being.

Next month we will be starting Incredible Edibles and are looking forward to all the interesting lessons!

Well done to all of the children in 4th class (and parents/guardians!) in their efforts with remote learning during the month of January! Stay safe and we hope to see you when it is safe to do so.

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