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4th Class November

4th Class November

4th Class have worked so hard over the month of November and have produced some fantastic work!

Here is an overview of everything we have been learning this month.



For the month of November, we have been focusing on how to make connections during our guided reading. Making connections as we read draws us into the text and helps us to identify with characters and situations. There are 3 types of connection we can make;

  1. Text to Self
  2. Text to Text
  3. Text to the Wider World.

We have become experts at recognising the different types of connections as we make them during our reading. We are looking forward to learning all about visualisation in December.


We have continued to focus on report writing throughout November. We watched a short video about sharks and wrote our own short report based on the information we gathered. We made sure that our report had a;

  1. Title
  2. Classification
  3. Description
  4. Location
  5. Dynamics

We have begun researching information for our own individual reports on any animal of our choice! These written reports will be finalised and presented in December.

Many 4th class pupils have earned their pen licenses this month! Well done to you all. Keep up the beautiful handwriting!

Oral Language:

We have enjoyed learning our tongue twisters this month;

  1. Four Fine Fresh Fish For You
  2. How Many Cookies Could A Good Cook Cook If A Good Cook Could Cook Cookies?

We have also been practising our listening and speaking skills by chatting to our partners and telling each others' news to the class.


We have continued to work hard at learning our multiplication tables and have been playing games in class to help us with this.

This month, we have learned how to do long multiplication. These sums can be tricky as there are so many steps to remember. However, we have realised that one way to make them a little easier is to know our multiplication tables inside out and upside down!


Ba é 'Bia' an téama a bhí againn i rith mí na Shamhna. Bhíomar ag foghlaim na h-ainmneacha do bianna éagsúla. Táimíd in ann labhairt faoi na bianna difriúla is aoibhinn linn agus is fuath linn. Fuireamar a lán eolais faoi na bianna difriúls ó dtíortha eile nuair a bhíomar ag léamh an scéal 'Bia Blasta'

Other Subjects:

In our science/S.P.H.E. lessons we learned all about the food pyramid. We discussed the importance of eating a balanced diet for physical and mental health. We also began our STAY SAFE programme, and we are enjoying sharing our stories and experiences with each other. Our biggest project for this month has been to design and construct a Norman Motte and Bailey castle. This combines the subjects of art and history. All 4th class teachers have been so impressed by the fantastic photos and videos we received on Google Classroom. The castles are fantastic and they show clearly the talent and creativity in our 4th class pupils! Well done to everyone for their hard work and great effort!

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