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5th Class - November & December 2022 update!

5th Class - November & December 2022 update!

November and December were extremely busy months for 5th class!


In English,\ we have been working on:

  • Recount writing
  • Comprehension skills predicting, connecting and questioning with our guided reading novels
  • Grammar topics to include commas, conjunctions as well as reported and direct speech
  • Cursive writing


We have been flat out learning new content in maths! We have looked at:

  • 2D shapes to include learning the names and properties of 2D shapes, learning which shapes will and won’t tessellate, the lines of symmetry in shapes, etc.
  • Short & long division to include divide a 2-digit number by a one-digit number, dividing a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number, division problem-solving, etc.
  • The circle to include learning the parts of the circle, finding the diameter of the circle when given the radius and vice versa, etc.


Le linn ceachtanna Gaeilge bhíomar ag foghlaim agus ag labhairt faoi:

  • An Scoil
  • An Nollaig

D’fhoghlaimíomar agus d’úsáideamar na frásaí seo a leanas i rith na míonna:

  • Tá mé i rang a cúig.
  • Déanaim Béarla, Gaeilge, Matamaitic, Stair, Tíreolaíocht, Eolaíocht, Ealaín agus Corpoideachas sa scoil.
  • Caithim éide scoile.
  • Tá peann luaidhe, peann, rialóir, marcóirí, scriosán agus bioróir i mo chás peann luaidhe.
  • _______ is ainm do mo mhúinteoir. / __________ is ainm don príomhoide.
  • Nollaig Shona duit.


In Geography, we looked at the lakes in Ireland to include lakes such as Lough Neagh and Lough Corrib. We also learned a bit about our neighbouring country, Great Britain.

In History, we finished learning about women who made a difference. We then worked on our own project based on a woman in history who made a difference. Once the projects were completed, we presented them to our class. We learned about lots of important women in history to include Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Anne Frank and many more.


We have been working on our Stay Safe lessons over the past two months. We have been discussing very important areas to include friendship and bullying.


We worked on the PE strand of games and focused on uni hoc, practising our striking and passing skills. We also started our GAA lessons with the GAA coaches which we have been loving!


We had our Christmas Carol service in the church in December, so we spent a lot of time learning the different carols leading up to the carol service. The carols we learned included Away in a Manger, Hear Dem Bells, Following a Star, among many others!


All four 5th classes put on fantastic Christmas performances for our families! We spent a lot of time in December, learning our lines, learning the songs and practicing our plays! All our hard work paid off, and the Christmas performances were Broadway worthy in our humble opinions!


We love art at Christmastime! There are so many festive and fun art lessons to be done! Check out some of our fantastically festive artwork below!

Check out our Christmas doors also!!

Well done to all the 5th class students for their excellent work ethic throughout November and December.

Ms Kinsella, Mrs Wolohan, Mr O’Connor & Mr Browne 😊

5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!5th Class - November & December 2022 update!
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