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5th Class News - March/April

5th Class News - March/April

Hello Summer!

The 5th classes have been working really hard during since returning to school. Here's a look at what we have been learning about.


Writing: The classes learned about procedural writing. This is all about giving instructions on how to do something.

Each procedural text follows these steps:

    • Title
    • Goal
    • Needs
    • Steps
    • Check

Reading: Guided reading continued with lots of work being done on class novels. One area in particular that we concentrated on was determining importance.

Oral language: We played some fun oral language games such as Spot the Difference and Listen & Draw.

Using the story book See the ocean or Brother Eagle Sister Sky (Children choose):

    • Draw images in response to a text
    • Create mental images in response to a text
    • Discuss in detail the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of their image
    • Compare own image to others
    • Understand the importance of visualisation


We are learning these skills to complete fractions sums.

  • Compare and order fractions and identify equivalent forms of fractions with denominators 2-12
  • Express improper fractions as mixed numbers and vice versa and position them on a number line
  • Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers
  • Divide a whole number by a unit fraction
  • Multiply a fraction by a whole number


Bhíomar ag cleachtadh conas treoracha a thabhairt chuig daoine.

Úsáideamar na frásaí seo a leans I rith an mí:

    • Siúil Walk Fan Wait
    • Cas ar dheis / ar chlé Turn right / left Pioc suas.. Pick up…
    • Léim suas Jump up Cuir do lámh… Put your hand…
    • Seas suas Stand up Féach ar… Look at…

Bhíomar ag obair ar an gramadach seo a leanas:

    • An Modh Ordaitheach: Siúl - Siúlaigí. Rith - Rithigí. Brostaigh - Brostaígí. Moilligh - Moillígí.

    - An Forainm Réamhfhoclach (ar): orm, ort, air, uirthi, orainn, oraibh, orthu.

Other subject areas:

The classes practiced some soccer drills and gymnastics skills in p.e.

We explored the history of Arklow and and of its peoples (Kynochs, Vikings, Normans).

We learned about our ears in science.

Well done to all the 5th classes for their great work ethic throughout March and April.

Please enjoy pictures of some of our artwork.

Ms Wolohan, Ms Keane, Mr Browne, Ms K. Doyle

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