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5th Class September/October 2021

5th Class September/October 2021

5th class have all settled in nicely into the new school year.

Here is an overview of everything we have been learning since September.



We have enjoyed exploring our new books in guided reading. We have been focussing on making predictions in our reading. We used the cover, pictures, titles and blurbs to make our predictions as accurate as we can.

We enjoyed the book ‘The Stranger’ where we made some predictions and practiced the vocabulary needed when making a prediction. We all had to get our thinking hats on when it came to the ending of the story as it required us to make our own predictions as to what it meant.


5th class have been working hard at out Narrative Writing this month. We learned all about the structure needed when writing a narrative story. We developed some characters and setting before creating some collaborative stories as a class and let our imaginations run wild. We also loved creating our Spooky stories before the Halloween break.

The structure of a piece of Narrative Writing is:

  • Title
  • Orientation
  • Beginning event
  • Problem
  • Resolution
  • Ending

Oral Language:

For oral language we have been, saying tongue twisters, playing games such as two truths and a lie and retelling our news. We aim to become even more confident in using our oral language skills throughout 5th class.


5th class have been working really hard learning all about place value, addition and subtraction. We also learned how to interpret and record data. We also practiced how to analyse and draw bar charts and multiple bar charts. We had great fun gathering data from our classmates and presenting this information using various graphs


Is é ‘Mé Féin’ an téama atá againn i nGaeilge.

Táimid in ann comhrá a dheanamh agus na ceisteanna seo a fhreagairt:

  • Cad is ainm duit? _____ is ainm dom. / Is mise ____.
  • Cén aois thú? Tá mé ___ bhliain d’aois.
  • Cén dath atá ar do chuid shúile? Tá súile ___ agam.
  • Cén dath atá ar do chuid gruaige? Tá gruaig ___ orm.
  • Cá bhfuil tú i do chónaí? Tá mé i mo chónaí sa/i_____.
  • Can rang ina bhfuil tú? Táim i rang a ceathair i Scoil Naomh Eoin.
  • Cé mhéad duine atá i do chlann? Tá _____ i mo chlann.
  • An bhfuil ton deartháireacha nó deirfiúracha agat? Tá ____ agam. ____ is ainm dó/di.

Other subjects

In our geography lessons we have been learning all about Ireland. We focussed on learning the counties, towns and provinces in Ireland and where to find them on the map. We really enjoyed the counties of Ireland poem, which made it easy to remember the counties. We also explored the rivers, lakes and mountains of Ireland too!

In History we began with the story of King Midas and looked at many of the Greek Gods. We learned lots about some of the women who have made a difference in the world and created fantastic projects on their favourite woman who made a difference.

We really enjoyed athletics and GAA in our PE. We have also loved showing our creativity in our art lessons and have made some lovely works of art over the 2 months.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of our fantastic work!

Keep up the great work 5th class!

Mrs. Fennell, Mr. O’Connor, Ms. O’Loughlin and Mrs. Wolohan

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