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5th class - November/December

5th class - November/December

Season’s Greetings

The 5th classes have been working really hard during the festive season completing the seasonal theme in many subject areas. The classrooms and corridors have been decorated with exceptional artwork and each classroom door has been festooned in a different festive theme. As well as displaying this wonderful array of artistic talent, the classes have completed great work in their other curricular areas too.


Writing: The classes learned about how narrative writing can help us to switch on our imagination.

Reading: Guided reading continued with lots of work being done on class novels. One area in particular that we concentrated on was the role of inference in our overall comprehension of the reading covered.

Oral language: The children had the wonderful opportunity of discussing all aspects of Christmas traditions and how they differ from country to country. We concentrated on ‘explanation’. We are describing the logical steps that explain why and how things happen. We are also using time connectives such as 'then', 'next', 'because', 'later', 'this causes' etc.

We studied the beautiful seasonal poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost.


We are learning about fractions:

  • How to compare and create equivalent fractions
  • How to change a mixed number into an improper fraction
  • How to change an improper fraction into a mixed number
  • How to get a fraction of something


Bhíomar ag caint faoin Nollaig, ag déanamh cur síos ar foclóir na Nollag.

Úsáideamar na frásaí seo a leans I rith an mí:

  • Cad atá uait? What do you want?
  • Tá ____ uaim. I want _____ .
  • Cé mhéad a chosnaíonn… ? How much does ____ cost?
  • Cosnaíonn sé…. It costs ____.

  • Gabh mo leithscéal. Excuse me.
  • Tá cabhair uaim. I need help.
  • Go raibh maith agat. Thank you.
  • Tá fáilte romhat. You’re welcome.

Bhíomar ag obair ar an gramadach seo a leanas:

  • An Aimsir Chaite ( dul siar ar na briathra neamhrialta ar fad) (Tar - Tháinig mé, Tabhair - Thug mé, Ith - D’ith mé, Clois - Chuala mé, Beir (+ ar) - Rug mé, Abair - Dúirt mé, Déan - Rinne mé, Téigh - Chuaigh mé, Faigh - Fuair mé, Feic - Chonaic mé, Bí - Bhí mé).
  • An Chlog – Tá sé a trí a chlog; leath uair tar éis; cúig tar éis; cúig chun srl.

Other subject areas:

The classes worked on the strand of basketball in P.E. In history we looked at the Christmas traditions we have e.g. why do we put up a Christmas tree, why do we send Christmas cards, why are mince pies so called etc. In geography we studied Great Britain.

Well done to all the 5th classes for their great work ethic throughout November and December.

Ms Wolohan, Ms Fennell, Mr O’Connor, Ms O’Loughlin

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