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6th Class May 2021

6th Class May 2021

6th class – May news



6th class have been learning all about writing reports in the last month. Many of them performed oral reports on various different items, ranging from dolphins, to their hair straighteners. Some classes videoed this on a green screen and were able to send the videos home. They then completed research to compile a written report on their own individual area of interest. They have also been responding to their novels and engaging in Close procedures .


In our reading lessons, we have been working on the challenging task of inference. This involves bringing sixth class comprehension to a higher level by reading between the lines and delving deep into the intentions of the author. They have really enjoyed working on this challenge through the use of picture books such as “ Voices in the Park” and also looking at short movies like La Luna and Float. They have finished their class novels and are enjoying some more freedom in their reading listening to their teacher reading a chosen novel to them. The novels currently being read are Guns of Easter , Under the Hawthorn Tree and The Boy at the back of the class and Amelia.

Oral language

The children are still developing their communication skills through classroom discussion on interpreting a pictures through analysing the pictures of the website www.onceupona .


In maths we learnt about number theory, prime, square and composite numbers etc . We also looked at time and speed and how to calculate and understand average speed. We also looked at time zones around the world. We also continued to work on our problem solving ability through the use of various word problems .


Ba é ‘An Teilifís agus an Teichnolíocht an téama a bhí againn i rith mí an Meitheamh. Léamar an scéal Popstars agus Scríobhamar faoi na clár telilifís atá ar siúl anois .

Bhíomar ag foghlaim conas na ceisteanna seo a fhreagairt:

  • Cén clár teillifís Is fear leat ?
  • Cathain atá an clár teilifís sin ar siúl ?
  • Cad atá ar siúl ar an teilifís ag a naoi a chlog / ag a deich a chlog?
  • Cé mhéad teilifis atá i do theach ?
  • An bhfuil teilifís i do seomra ranga ?
  • Cén sórt cluichí / leabhar / ceoil / cláir theilifíse, srl. a thaitníonn leat? Taitníonn liom.
  • Cé acu is fearr leat, ríomhairí nó leabhair?

Other subjects

As the final month in St. John’s begins the sixth class are looking back at their time here with nostalgia. They finished working with Ms . Creedon and Ms. Kelly preparing themselves for the imminent approach of secondary school. They are well and truly ready and although some are nervous they should be well organised and set up for their new start.

In Geography they really enjoyed learning about all of the continents and discovering the characteristic of those countries and creating a factfile on them . They learnt about locations and also the climates and compared them to living in Ireland. They used google earth and atlases and classroom globes to look at these countries.

We’ve continued to nurture our plants and sunflowers with mixed success. Unfortunately there have been some minor casualties along the way . In the we discovered The Beatles and the children were completely fascinated to learn of Beatlemania and the huge success they experienced as a band. They were interested to find out how they have influenced pop music right up until this day . We based our art on this also inspired by the Abbey Road album cover of the time . The excitement for graduation day and the final few weeks of primary school is palpable .

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