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We received DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) status this year in St John’s after a few years of Non DEIS status. We have appointed a full time Home School Community Liaison Coordinator because of this. Our HSCL will be Annette Ormond.

Hi there! I have been working in St. John’s SNS for the past four years in the Oak Room. As part of this role I met many students and their parents but this year I am looking forward to getting to know every member of our wonderful school community better.
My role as HSCL is to create a link and promote a partnership between home, school and the community. Doing so can positively impact our pupil’s participation, attendance and retention within the school. If the children are not here teaching and learning cannot happen so my job is to support parents to help their child get the most from their time in St John’s SNS. Working together can help enhance the education of all children and this home school link is invaluable as we know that all learning begins at home.
Parental involvement is a huge focus of the HSCL scheme. I hope to work with parents in a variety of ways and to support them as best I can. I hope to organise courses and events that will develop skills, get parents more involved in the school and also I hope we can have some fun. Additionally, I hope to create opportunities for parents to come into the school, visit and participate in their child’s learning in class. A big part of my role is visiting parents at home. This is in a supportive capacity and I am here to offer support, guidance and a listening ear whenever it is needed. I look forward to working with you all. I can be contacted during school hours at or 087 6898044

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