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Helping your child with dyslexia at home

As parents it can be very difficult when your child receives a diagnosis and you will look for ways to help them so that you can make their lives a little easier- below are some tips that may help.
Helping your child with dyslexia at home
  • Have an agreed time to do homework and stick to it- agree this with me in advance and give me my boundaries
  • Remove distractions for homework time- this will help me concentrate
  • Remember that I will be very tired after a school day as many of the needs that go with dyslexia are skills that are used frequently during the day- most subjects are language based
  • Some children need to move to learn and without movement won't take in information- let me stand or sit on a yoga ball instead of sitting sometimes and see if it helps
  • Multi-sensory learning works best- use the child's senses- they should see reading but also listen to it, dramatise it, watch films and TV programmes and imagine what the characters feel- this will make the reading stick- it doesn't matter how I learn the information as long as I can talk about it and I make it my own.
  • In order for reading to be a skill I will use I need to understand what I read
  • In order to stay motivated I need to enjoy reading, have some control over what I read and feel success at times
  • Ask me my opinion- I have one and need to practice using the skill
  • Language is very important and in order to read, write and spell well I need to have developed language skills- talk to me and listen to me, teach me vocabulary and all your interactions with me will help me learn more language and use it appropriately
  • Help me succeed at activities I am skilled in- maybe I'm very good at art, sport or music. This talent and these successes will help me when I am down and motivate me to try again.
  • Every child can learn to read and the thing that helps the most is good teaching- be positive, start where I am not where you expect me to be, and have high expectations for me.
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