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November 3rd Class

November 3rd Class

November has been a very busy month for us all! Here is an overview of what we have been up to this month in 3rd:


Reading: We have been continuing to work hard at visualising in our guided reading sessions. We have been using all our senses to visualise the text being read. We also used our skill of visualisation to imagine what a Nogard, A Pair of Shoes ,My Neighbour's Dog is Purple and A Green Giant might look like. We know that visualising helps us to better understand the books we are reading.

Writing: We drafted and published some pieces of recount writing this month on the topics of Halloween and A special Family Meal. In report writing we orally prepared, presented and wrote reports on a variety of topics such as My Favourite Toy, The Emperor Penguin and The Toy Show.

Oral Language:

We have been having great fun trying out our new tongue twisters –

If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?

Mix a box of mixed biscuits with a boxed biscuit mixer.

Some children are even beginning to craft their own tongue twisters!

Poetry: We are really enjoying our poetry time. This month, we have learned 2 poems –

‘Brother’ and ‘The Alien’


We returned after Halloween to study symmetry in the environment, shapes and even monsters! The children have worked very hard on the concept of sharing between 2, 4 and 8.We identified the connection between multiplication and division, division is the inverse of multiplication. This really helped us when we moved on to the topic of fractions.


Táimid ag caint faoi ‘ Bia’ ag an am seo.

Táim in ann na ceisteanna seo a fhreagairt:

  • An Maith leat? Is maith liom/Is Aoibheann liom / Ní maith liom, Is breá liom/ Is fuath liom.
  • An bhfuil ocras/ tart/ brón/ tuirse/ fearg/ áthas ort?
  • Cad a d’ith tú don bhricfeásta/ lón / dinnéar?
  • Ar mhaith leat?
  • Bhíomar ag léamh an scéal nua ‘Daidí ag Cócaráil’.

Other subjects

In S.E.S.E, we learned all about the Irish Myth – The Salmon of Knowledge. We looked at different versions of the legend. We spotted differences and similarities between them. We created our own cool comic strip editions of the story. We also learned about lungs and made our own working models of the lungs.

In our Music lessons, we have had great fun creating and listening to mouth music this month. We were amazed by a human voice choir which perfectly recreated the sounds of a Honda Civic car. We then gave it a try ourselves creating sound stories of the zoo, farm, everyday life and the shopping centre using mouth music.

In Art we got our hands dirty with clay! We modelled sparkly salmons of knowledge and pinch pot monsters. In addition to this we learned how to draw the Aurora Borealis with chalk pastels and visualised and drew a Late Late Toy Show Christmas jumper for Ryan .

We are really enjoying our GAA sessions with our two visiting coaches every Thursday morning.

Take a look at the photographs to see how creative we are in 3rd Class!

Well done to all of the 3rd Class children and keep up the hard work!

Ms. L. Doyle, Ms. Jameson, Ms. Woodbyrne and Mrs. Kavanagh.

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