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November 5th Class

November 5th Class

Seasons greetings everyone!

Here is an overview of what we are learning in class this month:


Writing - After publishing our own narrative writing, we are moving on to the new theme of explanation writing. We will be learning about how explanation writing can help us to understand how things work and why things happen.

Each explanation text follows these steps:

    • Title
    • Definition
    • Description
    • Process
    • Application

Reading - We are becoming experts on how to make predictions and how to make connections in our reading. We are beginning to practice how to infer information while exploring a written text or picture. We are putting our detective hats on to get as much information as possible from the pictures and texts that we examine.

Oral Language -

We are using our voices to practice making oral predictions and connections with our books. We are also practicing our own explanations. We are describing the logical steps that explain why and how things happen. We are also using time connectives such as 'then', 'next', 'because', 'later', 'this causes' etc.

We are also exploring and reciting the poem 'He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven' by WB Yeats.


We are learning about

  • short and long division
  • identifying, describing, and constructing 2D shapes
  • tesselation and tangrams


Táimid ag labhairt faoi 'Mé Féin' agus ag déanmah cur síos ar ár dtithe.

Táimid in ann na heiseamlairí seo a fhreagairt:

    • Cá bhfuil _______? Where is ______?
    • Tá dath _____ air. It is _____ in colour.
    • Inis dom faoi… (do theach, do scoil srl.) Tell me about …… (your house, your school etc.)
    • Is ________ é. It is a ______
    • Tá _______ seomra ann. There are ______ rooms.
    • Conaím i… I live in a ..…
    • Thuas staighre, tá… Upstairs there’s .…
    • Thíos staighre, tá… Downstairs there’s .…

Freisin, táimid ag déanamh cleachtadh ar na réamhfhocail seo:

Tá sé ar an / faoin / thar an / in aice leis an / sa / It is on the / under the / over the / beside the / in the /

Other Subjects

We are becoming pro basketball players in PE. We are exploring what makes a good friendship and how to deal with bullying in SPHE. In History, we are learning about Pompeii. Have a look at our latest artwork in the attached photos.

Well done fifth class.

Ms. Keane, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Wolohan, Mr. Browne

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