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Maths Tips

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Maths Tips for Children

We use Maths in everyday life, in science, in industry, in business and in our spare time. Can you think of examples of when we use maths in our everyday lives?

Pick one of your board games/puzzle at home and think about how you use your maths skills when playing it.

You can work to solve real-life problems such as measuring a room and figuring out how much wallpaper would be needed. Working through recipes in the kitchen- weighing and measuring capacity is a valuable activity, as well as calculating how to adapt a recipe for 4 into one for 6 people.

Use a T.V. Guide to work out the length of your favourite programmes. Can you calculate how long you spend watching TV each day/week.

Use a shopping receipt with the totals removed and estimate the total cost by rounding the figures to the nearest Euro.

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