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Numeracy at Home

Maths Tips for Parents


Many parents feel they are not good at Maths and feel that the way we teach maths in school today has changed a lot since they were in school. This page will hopefully give you some ideas on how to support your child’s maths skills and as we cover topics it will hopefully offer you some advice and guidance on how we teach maths concepts in school today. The most important thing you can do for your child is to encourage your child to develop a love of Maths through helping them with homework, having a positive attitude towards maths and making Maths fun.

How to Make Maths Fun:

We all use Maths in everyday life, at home or at work. Your child playing with water or sand is learning about measurement, weight, density, shape and space, volume and mass. Meal time, baking and cooking are all opportunities to teach children about fractions; following a cooking recipe teaches concepts of weighing, measuring, logical reasoning, following instructions. Calculating money, filling a car with petrol, estimating the length of a car journey, estimating time intervals, are just some of our normal everyday activities which require Mathematical reasoning.

Spend time with your children on simple board games, puzzles, activities that encourage Maths skills.

Activities for Home- 3rd to 6th class:

Try to link your child’s maths activities to real-life practical tasks involving Maths. Ask questions that encourage your child to use mental mathematic strategies learned in school. On a car journey, you could ask your child how far will you travel in 3 hours if we travel at a speed of 55 miles an hour or if petrol costs 1.52 a litre, how much will it cost to put 30 litres in the tank?

When shopping, buy items with a percentage extra free. As your child to calculate how much of the product is free.

Create opportunities for your child to handle money and work within a budget. Give him/her a list of items to be bought for the house within a particular budget.

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