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Social Environmental and Scientific Education in St. John's SNS

In St. John's SNS we believe SESE provides opportunities for children to explore, investigate and develop an understanding of the natural, human, scientific, historical, social and cultural environment in which they live.

SESE enables the children to live as an informed and caring member of local and wider communities.

In St. John's children are constantly being provided with opportunities to learn about the world around them, our history and how things work. From 3rd-6th class children are provided with engaging, hands-on and informative History, Geography and Science lessons.

Children enjoy researching and completing projects on countries around the world to projects on famous and influential people in History. If you walk through the corridors of our school you will see all the different SESE projects showcased on the walls outside of classrooms.

Classes can complete various scientific experiments using resources from school's science cupboard. Each year a Science Day is held in order to allow the children to showcase a science experiment they have completed in their class. Here you will find a huge variety of scientific experiments that cover all areas of the science curriculum. These experiments include experiments on sound, light, heat, energy, magnetism, electricity, human and plant life, environmental awareness and so much more. Our school has been awarded four Discover Primary Science awards and is working towards our fifth one!

Students have been lucky enough to chance to go on field trips to learn and explore more about the various SESE subjects they are learning about in school. These include National Tree Day in Glendalough, visiting the Norman castle remains in Arklow, Sea-life Aquarium in Bray and Bt Young Scientist Exhibition just to name a few.

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