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Student Council

Student Council

Our Student Council was set up in 2016 by Ms. Hurley and continues to thrive under Ms Fleming and Ms. Ormond.

Role and Purpose of the Student Council in St. John’s

At St. John’s we believe that students have a vital role to play in creating a positive inclusive school environment where the talents and voices of all our pupils are valued and appreciated.

The role of the Student Council is to:

· Offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and improvements and thereby play a very significant role in improving our school.

· The council provides an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to most aspects of school life

· The council members act as a channel of communication within the school organisation, between pupils and classes, the teachers, principal and The Board of Management .

· The council has the opportunity to organise events in the school such as Dress up days and also the annual talent show “Space to Shine” which was started by our school council in 2017. They also formed a fundraising committee to organise a disco as part of the Space to Play campaign to fund a new school hall for St. John’s .

The Election Process

Traditionally each year, students from third, fourth, fifth and sixth Class are invited to nominate themselves for a place on the Student Council. Prior to the election nominees are invited to canvass and engage in debates with other candidates in their class. An election is then held in each class and two representatives from each class are awarded a seat on the Student Council for the duration of that academic year. The elected pupils are required to be active participants in the Student Council, to attend meetings regularly, participate in activities and be a role model for other students.

In 2020 the student members of student council decided that they would like to encourage the following year’s council members to apply for the role through an informal application process. They would then decide on a shortlist of candidates from the class and complete an interview with the interested parties to decide if they would be a suitable member for the following year.

2019 - 2020 Student Council

3rd Class

Sean Coey , Sarah O’Sullivan , Naoimi Barron, Izzie Watters , Ciana Carter Flanagin

4th Class

Alexander Byrne, Cayla Bolton, Eoghan O’Toole, Erica Nolan

5th Class

Sadie Budrys , Eabha Gaffney, Fionn O’Toole, Alan Foxton

6th Class

Seán Barron , Darragh Furlong , Ryan Morgan , Aimee Duggan

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